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December 30, 2017

1. Ultimate Rejects, “Full Extreme (Jammin Still)”

Ultimate Rejects - Full Extreme (2018 Soca)

With so much turbulence in Trinidad & Tobagoโ€™s economy, and the government citing โ€œan empty treasury,โ€ 2017 Carnival saw a lot of belt tightening, and even some fete cancellations. The people needed a pick-me-up, and Ultimate Rejects answered with โ€œFull Extreme.โ€ The team comprised of Johann Seaton, Avaron Vanloo, Joel Aming and veteran artist/man of many sobriquets MX Prime had revelers โ€œjammin stillโ€ to this Road March-winning EDM/Soca fusion. EDM has been creeping into soca for a while now, but the crew used it as a way of globalizing their sound and bringing even more hype to the party. MX Prime, in his distinctly commanding voice, addressed the concerns at hand: Recession doh bother we/Promote a fete and you go see/How we go party to the Full Extreme. Some were concerned lyrics like โ€˜light it up with keroseneโ€™ and โ€˜the city could bun downโ€™ could be incendiary, but really they just pushed you to wine, and not worry about a thing. After all, stress doesnโ€™t belong on the road. โ€”ย Tishanna Williams