LargeUp Premiere: Celebrate Carnival in the Virgin Islands with Rudy Live’s “24” Video

April 7, 2017

Words by Kaya.lah


Spring 2017 marks several milestones for the U.S. Virgin Islands. It’s our 100th year under the American flag, the 65th Carnival celebration on St. Thomas, and this year also marks 250 years for Cruz Bay, St. John’s main town, as a functioning city port. Taking full advantage of all that is a powerful and driven soca diva, Rudy Live (As in live in person). The Rock City, St. Thomas native and multiple V.I. Soca Monarch winner has the experience and talent to bring some Soca/Calypso magic to the Centennial celebrations.

Rudy Live’s latest release, โ€œ24,โ€ is a refreshing and jovial party anthem. Displaying vocal range right in line with other powerful divas of the soca world, she also writes most, if not all, of her own material including this song. The bouncing track was produced by Anguilla’s Cherrod Lewis of CL Productions.ย  โ€œI wanted 24 to capture the feeling of Carnival, that it could be enjoyed and appreciated by both young and old,โ€ Rudy tells us.

The visuals, produced by K Spence & Company, match the track in proper fashion. Bright and lively, they convey that unforgettable Carnival feeling. โ€œWhen the beat drops, you know you have to jump up and start dancing,โ€ Rudy says. โ€œSo I wanted to make sure that the video conveyed that feeling as well, for those who can’t be with us during this special Carnival time… Carnival time, Fete time, we keep it going 24 hours a day!โ€ Check out more from Rudy Live here, and stay tuned as we bring you more from the Centennial/Carnival season in the Virgin Islands.