LargeUp Mix Series: Addis Pablo’s “Majestic Melodies” Mixtape

March 20, 2017


This month’s LargeUp mixtape is a Rockers International x Equiknoxx Music linkup starring Addis Pablo. Addis, son of Augustus Pablo and head of the Suns of Dub camp, brings his melodica sounds to a batch of originals, remixes and dub versions featuring guest vocals from Earl 16, Shanique Marie, Akane, Cali P, Jah Bami, Tesfa Zion, Mr. Williamz, Lila Ike, Ulo, Petayan, Earl Zero and Exile Di Brave, mixed up nice and criss by Gavin “Gavsborg” Blair out of the red-hot Equiknoxx crew, with artwork by Ma’Ting.

We’d just as soon vibe to this one straight through but if you need to know some highlights, we can point to you to the dub versions of Drake’s “Controlla” and Dr. Dre’sย “Forgot About D.R.E.” featuring Cali P and Mr. Williamz, respectively, and Pablo’s melodica re-work of Sugar Minott’s “No Vacancy,” and “Universal Dub,” the lead single from the project, which also has a video dropping any minute now. You can also hear Addis flexing his xylophone muscles on

Press play and download right here, and scroll down for an interview with Addis and the track listing.

How did the idea to do a mixtape/project with Equiknoxx come about?

The idea mainly came from my manager, Leon “Kabba”Brown. He had wanted to work on some releases, and had wanted to work on a project with Equiknoxx. We have been connected with Gavin for a while and felt this would be a great way to present some of our ideas and creativity over some classic instrumentals from hip-hop to roots reggae as well as showcasing some original productions like “Universal Dub” and Lia Ike’s “Start A Prayer”
Who took the creative lead for this project, as far as picking which songs and concepts?
I took the lead for choosing the songs which I felt fit the melodica and the theme of Majestic Melodies however it’s a group effort from myself, Leon and Gavin.
How do you choose which tracks you want to vibe to with the melodica? There’s some interesting ones here, like Dr. Dre + “Controlla,” as well as all the reggae tracks.

Well, the Dr. Dre tracks, both “Ring Ding Dong” and “Forgot About Dre” were songs I always admired in terms of production and concepts. They also happened to be sonically in harmony with the melodica, I find the “West Coast sound” to sort of suit the meditative chill vibes the melodica gives at times. Also the Song by Jah Bami “What you Want” on the Nas “Surviving the Times” instrumental had a similar compatibility with the melodica. The “Controlla” is a dubplate with Cali P that I added melodica to, once again due to the sonic compatibility and most importantly it felt good listening to the combination of elements. Also we added Niyabinghi drums on the hip-hop tracks which, once again, works well with the tempo and grooves of these beats. The reggae roots tracks like Earl Zero “Home” are just classics which I always listen and vibe to. So was a definite choice, also the fact it features my dad on melodica. Also the Dillinger “Tumbling Block,” another classic which was featured in the Rockers film and the Sugar Minot “No Vacancy,” another classic from the Dancehall Godfather, not to mention The Wailing Souls’ “Firehouse Rock,” one of favourites with a brutal dub mix.

What else can we look out from you in the near future?

Make sure to check out the video for “Universal Dub,” the lead single from the mixtape, available now. Also, the mixtape will be available on vinyl in the form of a EP. The tracks will also be available online in a few weeks. Further more, I am working on a new LP and a few more projects to lead up to the album


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