Bumboclaat, Star: The Worst Jamaican Accents of 2016

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January 2, 2017

The โ€œJamaicansโ€ From Power

The “Jamaicans” from Starzโ€™s hit series Power starring Omari Hardwick (and executive produced by 50 Cent) have some of the worst accents ever in life. Yes, in life. In Season 3, Episode 4, an assassination attempt is made on lead man James “Ghost” St. Patrick by “The Jamaicans,” as the drug-selling, gun-for-hire crew is called throughout the series. However, these Jamaicans did not sound Jamaican at all. The real Jamaicans on my timeline were thoroughly disappointed, especially since Power is filmed in NYC, where there is a healthy population of Jamaican actors. Watch the episode here.