LargeUp Premiere: Noah Issa’s “New Stylie”


We’ve been closely following the progress of Jamaica’s Noah Issa from his early remixes and original productions (for Mr. Lexx and others). Now relocated from Kingston to Brooklyn, Issa — one of our Artist to Watch picks for 2016 —  is stepping out from behind the boards, as an artist in his own right.

We’ve heard a few tracks from his upcoming debut project, and we can assure you this youth is onto something big. In fact, we’re positive you’ll be hearing his name much more in the coming months, as Noah gets set to issue his first vocal tracks. But first, he offers a fun window into his production style with the largely instrumental “New Stylie.” The first release on his own Nghty Wtrmln label, “New Stylie” lives up to its name — a psychedelic fusion of dub, trap and other vibes that perpetually reinvents and re-styles itself ahead of an ethereal, dream-like climax. “The idea is that it is constantly evolving, introducing new ideas or ‘stylies’ every 8 or 16 bars,” Issa tells us.

Likewise, his upcoming music will showcase a similar evolution, veering into weightier, more soulful material. Until then, you can expect to hear “New Stylie” popping up in DJ sets, influencer playlists, etc. — but you heard it here first.  Run tune below, and get it on iTunes here.