Toppa Top 10: Ten Essential Caribbean Films

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September 22, 2016

God Loves the Fighter (2014)
Damian Marcano, Trinidad & Tobago


Damian Marcano has quickly become known as one of the best filmmakers out of the Caribbean today. God Loves the Fighter is his first feature film, and is a great illustration of what the future of Caribbean film holds. Gritty, urban and eclectic, the drama has deservedly drawn comparisons to Brazil’s City of God. Initially a painter, Marcanoโ€™s unique storytelling style can be seen in the way he colors the film, uses music and narration to move the story along. The film tells the story of Charlie, who gets caught up on the wrong side of the fence but pays the ultimate price, even after a heroic act. From the opening scene to the very last frame, this film will keep you in its grip.