Selector’s Choice: DJ Jime (Antigua)

August 3, 2016

Words by DJ Jime

The festivities in Antigua have just concluded, but the soca music produced for this year’s festival won’t be going away any time soon, especially considering how wide songs like Ricardo Drue’s “Vagabond” and Tian Winter’s “Ms. Set Good” have circulated in the last few years. Here’s Antigua’s DJ Jime, back to tell us about the Antigua anthems for 2016.

Wha Gwan, LargeUp Massive! DJ Jime again giving you a look at the soca anthems from Antigua’s Carnival 2016. Before I get into that, take this as my invitation to all of you to Carnival 2017. Our People, the Fetes, The Women? YA HAFFU COME MAN!

Tian Winter –ย In De Middle

Tian struck gold with this record. “When ah reach, party tun up” has become an iconic chant, whenever this song is played.

Ricardo Drue –ย Stamp Yuh Name

Drue, now an international soca icon, really owns this riddim. The lyrics are easy to remember, and resonate on your mind. Undoubtedly, he has another major hit on his hands.

Tian Winter –ย Can’t Explain

The crooner’s groovy voice resonates over this production, one of the smoother tracks of the season.

Supa Mario – Move

Supa Mario demands us to “Move” in unity with his distinct voice, on the track by the same name. Mario is no newcomer to our soca scene, but he’s definitely taken his craft to another level with this one.

Tian Winter – Smooth Criminal

Tian completely hijacks Kubiyashi’s Rebel Panda riddim with “Smooth Criminal.” The lyrics flirt with dancehall, but are so infectious you can’t help but say, “Push back and gimme gyal.”

Janine – Catching It

Janine has one of the standout female voices at Antigua’s Carnival this year. Her record is one that we all can relate to when we drink, fete or play mas.

Ricardo Drue featuring Onyan – Street Party

Drue teaming up with the legend Onyan (of Burning Flames) is a dream come true for Antiguans. This is a fun, welcome “Drink and lime with your friends” kinda anthem.

Claudette Peters –ย Proof

Claudette, who is celebrating 16 years in the soca industry, gave us a gift with “Proof.” She can always be counted to give us good, solid music, year after year, as a vet should.