Mixtape Mondays: Willy Chin, Dash Eye, Out Side Dogg

April 11, 2016

Words by DJ Arems

largeup mixtape mondays 2

This week we hit you off with a must-have soca mix outta Miami and then head over to San Diego for one of the best new reggae podcasts out right now. But it’s the last tape that will have you buggin out… Russian Reggae!?! Yup!

Willy Chin,ย Uh Gosh Volume 3 (Willy Chin & Supa Dups) Soca: Willy Chin of Miami’s Black Chiney Sound comes back around with another huge mixtape showcasing his always-creative remix skills, with the help of Supa Dups and Black Chiney’s extra deep dub plate crates. Peppered with hilarious skits and specials you’ve come to expect, Uh Gosh 3 is flawlessly mixed and keeps you moving with latest soca fiyah keeping waistlines rotating world wide. Make sure to check for Volumes 1 and 2 of the Uh Gosh mixtape series and, if you’re a soca addict and just can’t get enough, Willy Chin and DJ Stephen just dropped another soca mix, Smyle V2, which will definitely keep you satisfied. Stream and download below.

Dash Eye, Dash-A-Fire Reggae & Vegan Podcast Episode 24: Broadcasting out of sunny San Diego, long time selectah Dash Eye of Tribe of Kings Sound has created a podcast that brings his love of music and the vegan lifestyle together in a weekly show that includes brand new reggae and dancehall, top 5 countdowns and interviews with artsts and other DJs. On this episode, we find Dash Eye in full form juggling riddims and interviewing up-and-coming reggae artist Bryka while providing information on veganism which definitely will spark your curiosity on this lifestyle. Each episode highlights the latest music, and is always informative. Tune in and subscribe! Stream below:

Out Side Dogg, Essential Russian Reggae: If you’re like me, you probably had no idea that Russian reggae even existed, but it does and OutSideDogg has compiled the best reggae his country has to offer. The first few songs might throw you off a little but, once you get used to the language and the fact that you’re not going to understand anything, the riddims begin to sound familiar and the whole mix becomes relaxing. You can tell that most of the singers and deejays on these songs have skills and the music is solid. Grab this mix, and surprise your friends. Stream below: