Toppa Top 10: Ten Afrobeats Artists You Should Listen To Right Now If You Love Caribbean Music

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April 4, 2016

6. Sarkodie

Another Ghanaian artist with an ear towards Jamaica, Sarkodie is probably best known internationally for setting off the Azonto dance craze with his 2011 single โ€œU Go Kill Me.โ€ As listeners including Busy Signal โ€”who remade the song as โ€œSame Wayโ€ in 2013โ€” noted at the time, the beat was basically a dancehall riddim, and a really progressive one at that โ€”ย an early hint that Afrobeats production was catching up to, if not surpassing, production coming out of Jamaica. More recently, Sarkodie had an Africa-wide hit with โ€œAdonaiโ€ (featuring now-deceased Ghanaian artist Castro) and collaborated with Miami rapper Ace Hood on the hip-hop track โ€œNew Guy.โ€