Toppa Top 20: LargeUp’s Artists to Watch For 2016

February 1, 2016

Skip Marley (Jamaica/USA)

Photo: Maria Izzauraulde

Skip Marley is the next next-generation Marley. The son of Cedella Marley is living up to his name as the captain of his own ship, staying true to his familyโ€™s legacy of positive reggae, while giving us his own style and flare. Skip made his debut in 2015 with his single โ€œCry,โ€ (one of LargeUp’s picks for 2015’s best reggae songs) and followed up with the tune โ€œLife,โ€ produced by the greats Sly and Robbie. His year ended with a slam, as he graced the pages of Teen Vogue and the airwaves on Revolt TV.ย Just two songs deep into his career, he is already standing on some solid ground. Bringing forth an eclectic sound of roots, reggae, and new wave, this is one Marley you donโ€™t want to skip…โ€” Jahneen Leslie

How would you describe your sound?

Well, itโ€™s soulful with a nice energy. Inspired by reggae, R&B, electronic music, and more.

Tell us a little bit about the place you come fromโ€ฆ

I was born in Jamaica, and was raised in Florida, around my entire family, playing football and music. I love where I am from, and who I come from.

Tell us about the moment where you knew you had broken through as an artistโ€ฆ

I still have works to do. But I feel very honored to see people sharing my music. It was pretty special to see people singing my music when I play with my uncles.

What were your highlights in 2015?

There were a lot of highlights, from releasing my first two songs โ€œCry to Meโ€ and โ€œLifeโ€, and the Catch A Fire tour with my uncles, Morgan Heritage, and Tarrus Riley.

What should we expect to see and hear from you in 2016?

More music!

What artists are you watching in 2016?

My uncles, of course. I am a big fan of Diplo and everything Major Lazer. Kendrick Lamar is a true inspiration, and Ricky Mears who has remixed a few of my songs, he is also one to watch. But hey, the year has just started!