LargeUp Premiere: J. Nation’s “Hard Work” Remix Feat. Jesse Royal, Kabaka Pyramid + Trever Off Key

January 22, 2016


J Nation shines a light on the other side of Caribbean life on “Hard Work.” The track, released last year ahead of the singer/producer’s recent self-titled album, paints a sober portrait of the struggles faced by regular people eking out a living in a place the rest of the world considers paradise, a theme further developed in the song’s rich, colorful video. For the remix, Nation tapped the Jamaican trio of Kabaka Pyramid, Jesse Royal and DJ Bambino aka Trever Off Key, creating an inter-island exchange that breathes a next layer of life into the song.

“I originally wanted to get Damian Marley on it, and had given it to DJ Bambino to try and voice him,” says Nation, whose list of previous collaborators includes Major Lazer, Jah Cure, Kes the Band and Vybz Kartel. “It never happened, so we both reached out to Jesse and Kabaka and they both loved the lyrics and vibe of the original song and how the video captured real people and culture and gladly contributed. Bambino also laid an intro verse on the remix. I’m grateful to each of them for lending their talents, cause now the record has a whole new dynamic lyrically, with each person telling their story on real social issues we face in the islands.”

Listen to “Hard Work (Remix)” here, and check out more from J Nation here.