Trini State of Mind: Angela Hunte Is Soca’s New Queen

January 18, 2016

Words by Marcha M. Johnson

Angela Hunte seems to be on a mission to dominate the soca arena. Following the huge success of last year’s โ€œParty Doneโ€โ€”No. 4 on our list of 2015’s Toppa Top soca tracks โ€” Hunte and her partner-in-crimeย Monk Monte, Machel Montano, have united again to bring us โ€œLike So.โ€

Produced byย DJ Buddha, Gregor Salto, Tzvetin Todorov, and penned by Hunte and Montano, โ€œLike Soโ€ is a high-energy track perfect for the wining and fete season that is just now heating up. It may well be on its way to becoming one of the bumper-to-fender anthems for the carnival season. The soca and EDM hybrid is not overly complex in its production, with Hunte and Machelโ€™s vocals taking the forefront, their instructional lyricism bringing forth that same energy and vibe they did last year with โ€œParty Done.โ€

โ€œLike Soโ€ is not Hunte’s first release for the season: It comes on the heels of her appearance on theย Tiโ€™ Punch Riddim, another DJ Buddha production which also featured Montano. In stark contrast to the wassiness and bacchanal of โ€œLike So,โ€ her track, โ€œMon Bon Ami,โ€ falls on the opposite end of the soca spectrum. Inspired by the zouk music of Martinique and Guadeloupe, the Ti’Punch riddim (which was co-produced by Precision Productions) has a more nostalgic sound geared towards those who would share an intimate wine than indulge in the unfettered revelry and carnival wildness promoted on โ€œLike So.โ€

Having long since cemented her reputation as a pop-music songwriter for the likes of Jay- Z, Britney Spears, Rihanna, Nas and Snoop Dogg, Hunte has now proven her worth in the realm of soca music, just three songs in. Of course, it helps to have the reigning soca monarch in Monk Monte, Machel Montano, on her side, releasing tunes sure to emerge as season favorites. Their partnership is the foundation of her soca career, which makes us wonder if Hunte and Machel are preparing us for the revelation of a soca production and songwriting powerhouse like weโ€™ve never seen before? Or does the New York-based Trinidadian have her own solo soca projects up her sleeve, too? In either case, we eagerly anticipate hearing what she comes up with.