Homecoming Queen: Watch Kali Uchis “Ridin Round” in Colombia

November 4, 2015

Words by Jahneen


The last time we checked in with Kali Uchis, we got a taste of her neo lover’s rock style courtesy of the Bunx-produced track “Know What I Want.” Continuing a big year, the young R&B singer from Virginia by way of Colombia takes us on a trip back to her roots with an all new, self-directed video for “Ridin Round” shot in her homeland.

Kali cast her family and friends to bring a heartwarming hometown vibe, and she isn’t afraid to portray everyday life in the streets that she calls home. Vibrant colors, and rich textures serve as the backdrop, giving this visual a true Third World, Caribbean feel. Colombia is no stranger to Afro-Caribbean influence, and neither is Kali, as reggae continues to influence her sound.

Watch Kali “Ridin Round” and getting it in vintage whips and her very own biker gang below!