Soca Gold: Watch Teddyson John’s “Allez” Video

October 14, 2015

Words by Marcha M. Johnson

When it comes to soca, Trinidad and Barbados tend to reign supreme. So when a track out of St Lucia crosses over into the airwaves and DJ set lists in other major island territories, it’s a feat worth mentioning.

Teddyson Johnโ€™s “Allez” is a quintessential feelgood song. A deviation from the celebrations of sexuality and drunkenness typical of today’s soca, John sings a different tune, motivating partygoers to pick themselves up in times of adversity, and celebrate their emotional and spiritual strength. The songโ€™s visuals are just as uplifting, as John taps the talent of his communityโ€™s youth to generate colorful, innocent images of blissful revelry. The video is a cultural spectacle, as St. Lucia’s lifestyle and architecture serves as a backdrop to Johnโ€™s performance, with camerawork that adds complexity to the simple choreography and landscape.

So far, the single has met with positive feedback, predicted as a worthyย contender for soca monarch titles, and has even spawned its own dance craze. Not only is “Allez” diversifying your soca playlist, but it re-affirms for us that soca and Carnival is not just about misbehaving, and that itโ€™s a season rooted in solidarity.