Fashion Fridays: Pum Pum Socks x Adidas Adilette

September 25, 2015

Words by Jahneen
Photos by Savannah Baker

With the launch of Pum Pum Socks last year, the footwear world was shaken up with a new line of Caribbean-inspired frilly socks, introducing a new go-to accessory to complete any gyal’s look. Pum Pum Socksย co-founderย Savannah Baker recently collaborated with Adidas on a new, customized Adilette slide, bringing a true island feel to this beachside staple. These unisex sandals are true to Savannah’s island influence, and her love for Jamaica shines right through with popular patois slang customized on each pair of slides.

We got some insight on this irie collab from the Pum Pum gyal herself. Read on, and get a glimpse of the Pum Pum Socks x Adidas Adilette collaboration with these exclusive photos shot by Savannah in her hometown of Port Antonio, Jamaica.

LU: For our non West Indian readers, can you break down the slang featured on the slides?

Savannah Baker: Gyal Dem = The girls. This expression basically means your home-girlz. It is taken from the male origin man-dem. It can be used by both male and female to describe their home-gyal.

Nuff Love is self explanatory. It means enough love, or lots of love.

Bruk Out is a gyal dancehall move, or it can used to describe someone that is unruly or rebellious.

LU: Pum Pum Socks has been an all-girl candy ragga brand. What was it like designing unisex shoe wear? Was the process any different?

SB: Although our ethos is about female empowerment, it is not about feminism, or anti-male at all. Just equality and gyals that stand for something and have individuality. Menswear is something we have always wanted to go down. We want to spread the love and style.

LU: The dancehall is known to be home to loud and glamorous fashions. What was the inspiration behind the metallic colorways? It tun up!

SB: We originally had other wicked designs, with colors that were more our candy ragga aesthetic, however this collaboration was all about the new personalized Adidas Adilette. We worked with letters and colors offered. This worked out well with our branding in the end, and we hope to elaborate on this collaboration in the future. Gold is definitely a large part of our branding.

LU: Can we look forward to more Pum Pum Socks collaborations in the future?

SB: Definitely! Some are already are in motion. Collaborations are what it’s all about. It gives a wider amount of people the chance to identify with the brand and to cross over, and more importantly to promote Jamaican culture in different demographics. Fashion is a huge industry. Many people don’t realize how much the West indies and Africa has inspired the fashion world. Pum Pum Socks is showing people more about this great culture. If you are not naturally a huge lover of these countries, maybe this brand will help make people with no affiliation more aware.



Bruk Out-water