Fall Preview: 12 Reasons To Visit the Caribbean This Season

September 3, 2015

7. Tobago Blue Food Festival
(Bloody Bay, Tobago; Oct. 18)
Dasheen-Tobago-Blue-Food-FestivalPhoto: Tobago House Authority

Dasheen, eddo taro, cocoyam, ground provision. Whatever you call this starchy root vegetable, it’s as much a part of Caribbean cooking as coconut and pepper. Tobago, however, has made a claim to dasheen dominance with the advent of the Tobago Blue Food Festival, a cooking exposition, competition and celebration so named because of the color dasheen turns when cooked. Innovative chefs at the 17-year-old event, held in Tobago’s evocatively named Bloody Bay, turn the vegetable into deluxe dinners, deserts, marinades, jams, jellies, liqueurs, and even wine. Of course, this being T&T, there’s some feting to be done, as well as live musical performances and a crayfishing competition.