Cool Rulers: Where To Find The Best Jamaican-Style Ice Cream

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July 28, 2015

6. JR Sweetโ€™s Jamaican Inspired Ice Cream
(522 Oakwood Ave, Toronto; 416-913-0110)

When Claude Fearon, owner of JR Sweetโ€™s Jamaican Inspired Ice Cream, was growing up in Sandy Bay, Jamaica, Sunday night dessert always meant a slice of his motherโ€™s freshly baked goods, from black cake to carrot pudding, all paired with a scoop of rum raisin ice cream. โ€œThat was our staple,โ€ says Fearon. โ€œThose are the things that I remember as a kid, and a lot of the people that walk in the door feel like theyโ€™re a kid again in Jamaica. It makes them feel good.โ€

Fearon opened JR Sweetโ€™s, located in Torontoโ€™s Oakwood-Vaughan neighborhood, in May, 2014 with a vision to share a facet of his culture that was being overlooked. Toronto’s Jamaican community includes numerous places to feast on jerk chicken and curry goat, but nowhere else that specializes in the island’s unique ice-cream flavors. โ€œIn Jamaican culture, we have a lot of desserts and it runs pretty deep,โ€ Fearon says. โ€œI want to bring that to Toronto in a more detailed fashion.โ€ Fearon works with different suppliers to offer a vast array of ice cream flavors, including Coconut Rum, and incredibly rich variations on classics like Stout, Mango, Soursop and Grapenut. There are a few unexpected twists like Tequila Lime and Kahlua, but the standard choice is nostalgic like Sunday nights in Sandy Bay: an outstanding Rum Raisin. Loaded with the dried fruit and fragrant like an aged barrel of Appleton, itโ€™s unequivocal. โ€”Ola Mazzuca

FLAVORS: Banana walnut, Baileys & cream, black cherry, coffee cream, chocolate, coconut rum, Grape Nut, pomegranate, soursop, malt cream, stout, sorrel, mango, vanilla, tequila lime, rum raisin, praline caramel