Toppa Top 5: Five Caribbean Novels To Read This Summer

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July 26, 2015

Dimitry Elias Lรฉgerโ€”God Loves Haiti (Haiti)

In his debut novel, God Loves Haiti, Dimitry Elias Lรฉger tells the story of a passionate love triangle between the President, his wife and her lover ,with the 2010 Haitian Earthquake as the backdrop. In 35 seconds, the characters’ world is literally in shambles as they try to navigate the aftermath of the disaster and to readjust to life in Haiti in the midst of devastation. With surgeon-like precision, Lรฉgerโ€™s imagery depicts the countryโ€™s struggles, the resilience of its people and the beauty that is to be found amidst what could only be described as a history of disasters. No less of a literary authority than Junot Diaz has called God Loves Haiti โ€œa luminous debutโ€ andย โ€œa stand-out novel.โ€