Toppa Top 10: Ten Jamaicans Who Topped the Billboard Hot 100

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July 17, 2015

OMI-Cheerleader (2015)

Molded by Clifton โ€œSpecialistโ€ Dillon, the mastermind behind Shabba Ranks, Patra and Mad Cobra’s crossover success in the early ’90s, OMI first released โ€œCheerleader,โ€ his debut single in 2011. He released a video for the track in 2012, and thatโ€™s when it caught our attention; we featured OMI at No. 2 in our list of the Top 10 Artists to Watch for 2013, right behind Chronixx. It took two more years for the track to fully crossover, only then after being remixed by German producer Felix Jaehn. Having already conquered charts across Europe, including four weeks spent at No. 1 in the UK, โ€œCheerleaderโ€ finally made its way to the States this spring, climbing this week to No. 1. โ€”Jesse Serwer