Carnival Checklist: A Guide to Real Culture at Trinidad Carnival

February 5, 2015

When: Carnival Friday (Feb. 13) @ 4:30a.m
Where: The Greens, Picadilly Street, Port of Spain

Many donโ€™t know that in 1881, the British government attempted to put a stop to the Carnival celebrations of Port-of-Spain and the residents of the barrack yard protested going so far as to beat the militiamen and riot in the streets until the Governor himself had to come calm them down. Now, thousands gather each year on Piccadilly Greens, Port-of-Spain (often still dressed from last nightโ€™s party) to experience the re-enactment of that historic day. We advise you get there early too. Bleachers are packed as early as 3:30am. Experience last year’s presentation in our exclusive photo series.