Viral Video Alert: “Granny” Does Soca

January 29, 2015

Marcha M. Johnson

The list of finalists for this year’s International Soca Monarch competition has just been released and, among the usual names, one in particular stands out. “Granny” might sound like an unusual moniker for a Soca Monarch contender but, for those who know of Trinidadian comedienne and radio show host Nikki Crosby, things might make a little more sense. Crosby’s Granny alter ego first appeared about two years ago in television ads for the wildly popular, seasonal event Army Fete and, as a leading lady in Trinidadian entertainment, the persona quickly garnered a loyal following. This extends to some of soca’s top artists, many of whom—Fay-Ann Lyons, Bunji Garlin, Farmer Nappy, Destra, Denise “Saucy Wow” Belfon and KI—turn up in the newly-released video for her debut Power Soca tune, “Go Granny.”

“Granny” isn’t Crosby’s first musical creation. She released a little-known Soca Parang with videographer/ artist Rembunction last year, and she’s dropped a few comedic soca tracks under her own name before, But none managed to generate the hype and intrigue of ‘ Go Granny.’ The transition from radio personality to the Soca Monarch stage isn’t unprecedented: fellow radio professionals JW and Blaze had no musical track record in 2010, when their “Palance” became a runaway hit. However, natural ability to entertain, coupled with an ingenious track based off a simple colloquial term, led to their victory on that year’s Soca Monarch stage.

While Granny’s chances may be slim given who she’s up against, Crosby has innate talent as a performer, one of the primary qualities judges consider when deciding a winner on Fantastic Friday. For now, all there is to do is wait til then to see what the competitors have up their sleeves, and to get familiar with “Go Granny.” Watch the video below: