Selector’s Choice: Jam Central

January 15, 2015

Words by Jam Central


Welcome back to Selector’s Choice, our spotlight on what your favorite DJs are holding in their record bags and hard drives right now. This edition, from NYC’s DJ Jam Central, comes just in time for Trinidad and Tobago’s epic Carnival, and the annual wave of new soca music that goes with it. There’s six million ways to wine… here’s 10:

Lyrikal “Cloud 9”

The Brooklyn-based soca artist has everyone feeling high on “Cloud 9.” This one’s all about throwing all worries aside, and living like there’s no tomorrow.

2. Kes the Band “Fallin”

Non-stop feting is the order, and Kes makes it clear that he doesn’t know what’s in store for tomorrow so he is willing to party till the last drop.

3. Fadda Fox “Ducking”

Whether it be ducking work or school to attend a fete, hiding from a significant other, or just avoiding the many cameras that can catch one in a compromising position, “Ducking” is a pursuit everyone can relate to.

4. Timaya “Sanko”

With Afrobeat gaining more global recognition, Timaya is one of the artists to watch on the front line. And for the second consecutive year, the Nigerian artist finds himself on Trinidad’s Carnival playlist. “Sanko” incorporates an old-school dancehall rhythm track and a bassline reminiscent of classic calypso, with a vibe that keeps the dance floor moving.

5. Machel Montano “Remedy”

The Soca Boss sends out a plea for help that only a good wine can remedy. Shout out to the ladies with the cure!

6. Farmer Nappy “My House”

Welcome to the house that soca built, where all are welcome and all must wine.

8. Machel Montano “Like Ah Boss”

When it comes to feting, Machel simply can’t be outdone. Machel Montano is a boss and this is his declaration—and my pick for Roadmarch winner this year.

9. Kerwin Dubois – Magnetic (Refix)

Something about a bumper wining to soca music… it produces a force so irresistible it must be magnetic.

10. Olatunji – Ola

Speaking of Afrobeats, the leader of soca’s new school Olatunji taps into his African roots on the Kan Kan riddim, delivering a hit song that has everyone singing “Ola!”