Toppa Top 10: The Best Dancehall Riddims of 2014

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December 22, 2014

2. Happy Hour

Chimney Records’ Happy Hour riddim has picked up a lot of steam since its September release, boasting what is now arguably the biggest dancing tune as 2014 turns over. Chi Ching Ching andย Popcaanโ€™s โ€œWay Upโ€ has become a massive tune on it’s own, not to mention the compulsory rewind on the remix featuring Beenie Man. Happy Hour has the summer pacing and staying power to be as much a part of your (next) summer as a Gosling’s & Ginger. Vybz comes toughย with โ€œMi Nuh Trush People,โ€ as does Beenie on his solo tuneย โ€œBadmind People,โ€ and there’s some great cuts from Mavado, Serani and Alkaline. โ€“ DJ Tanner