LargeUp Premiere: Midnite x I-Grade โ€” “Restore”

November 28, 2014

Words by Kaya.lahโ€”
Ride Tru smaller

Midnite hit us with a nice surprise entitled “Restore,” off of Ride Tru, the upcoming collaborative effort between the Virgin Islands reggae giants and I-Grade Records. To wet the massiveโ€™s collective palette for the album, the band has made public an atypical track with a sound you might not expect from the group known for their honored history of heavy roots rocking.

“Restore” finds Vaughn Benjamin easily flowing over a rockers-fused riddim withย slick horn work and an R&B/hip-hop swing that recalls the legendary Roots hip-hop band at times. One can imagine Black Thought coming in tough at some point. True in fact Mr. Benjamin is in fine form, singing with crystal clarity. His chanting brings together that all important message of human restoration, during which timesย Zion I Kings producer Andrew “Moon” Bain lets the beat kick proper.

Ride Tru is Midniteโ€™s ninth album with I-Grade, and second this year alone, following February’s Beauty for Ashes. If “Restore” is any indication, Rise Tru will be another classic. You roots aficionados can pre-order now, ahead of the full-album release date of December 9th.