Mixtape Mondays: T.O.K x Coppershot, Robzilla x Jah Banks, Smutlee

November 3, 2014

Words by Deejay Theory

MM 48

As we move into November plenty has been happening around here. We had the Jamrock Reggae Cruise, H.I.M’s Coronation Anniversary, the passing of John Holt, Halloween and of course plenty of music. #MixtapeMondays returns with new tunes from one of JA’s favorite groups and mixed carnival vibes from NYC and London.

T.O.K, Taking Over Mixtape: It’s not everyday you get a new full-length mixtape from T.O.K (unless maybe you’re digging thru some classic Federation x DJ Autograph mixes). The guys come back in ’14 with Taking Over to give you a taste of what’s on deck from the group in various directions as you would expect, delivered by DJ Donny from the mighty Coppershot Sound. If you rate T.O.K grab this rite away. Stream below

Robzilla, Calling All Worlds Mixtape: Biggup our folks in NYC Robzilla from the Dutty Artz crew and the bredren Jah Banks for the ting call Calling All Worlds mix session. Coinciding with the Calling All Girls Remixes that just dropped — including one from this guy who also opens up the mix with his Sizzla remix — Robzilla and Banks keep a nice live energy throughout this tape with the feeling of a live show or carnival setting. Madd thing. Stream and download below, tracklist here

Smutlee, Lights On Mix For Monki: Staying in the carnival lane we have some sick and custom selections from our mate Smutlee in Brixton. Smut’s been known for flipping the script with a bagga remixes at every turn whether it’s dancehall, soca, rap, funky, grime, jungle, and puts it all on tape for this quick mix for Monki and BBC Radio One. This one dates back to Notting Hill weekend a bit back but deserves a re-rave. Stream and download below, tracklist here