Throwback Thursdays: Black Chiney’s Most Classic Mixtapes

October 23, 2014

Black Chiney – Supa Chiney (Vol. 8.1, 2004)

We rented a house, and every member lived in the house for a month or so. Everyone was inputting ideas and inputting to the creation: Willy Chin and Dups working on remixes in different rooms, Walshy giving ideas and riddim choices for remixes, and Bobby making his crank calls. It was: Eat, sleep and drink CD. I woke up with the Scooby Doo ideaโ€” Elephant Man Scooby Doo dancing was popular at the time. The Kopa riddim [Black Chiney’s first riddim release] was on this mix. This riddim pushed Dups into a more serious role with his production.