Toppa Top 10: Ten Sitcom Stars with Caribbean Roots

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October 21, 2014

10. Doug E. Doug, Jamaica (Griffin from โ€œCosby,โ€ Douglas from โ€œWhere I Liveโ€)

Best known as Sanka from Cool Runnings, Jamaican-American actor Douglas “Doug E. Doug” Bourne starred in the short-lived and semi-autobiographical sitcom Where I Live, set in Harlem. Though the show, which aired on ABC Friday nights in 1993, lasted for less than a season, it’s notable for being the only network TV series in the US to show an explicitly Caribbean-American family. Trinidadian actor Sullivan Walkerโ€”who played Dr. James Harmon, one of Cliff Huxtable’s doctor buddies on The Cosby Showโ€”co-starred as Doug’s hard-working father. Doug E. Doug would have a longer run as the character Griffin on Cosby, Bill Cosby’s post-Cosby Show series from the late ’90s.