LargeUp Premiere: Rebel Layonn’s “Lanmou Djaye” Video

October 7, 2014

Words by Jesse Serwer, Photos by Christopher L. Mitchell


Reggae’s popularity in Haiti is growing, and one of the most visible and popular figures pushing the genre forward there is Rebel Layonn.

When he’s not putting a Kreyol spin on Jamaican music, Rebel works as the creative director for Life is Good Playmakers Ayiti, a non-profit which helps children cope with life-altering traumas. The singer’s mission is all about spreading positivity, and that’s the theme of “Lanmou Djaye,” a single from his recently released album, Misyon. Layonn tapped photographer, videographer and LargeUp contributor Christopher L. Mitchell to direct his video for “Lanmou Djaye,” which was shot over a period of months between Port-au-Prince and Jacmel, Haiti. The clip illustrates the song’s message ofย  love and compassion by illustrating random acts of kindness amongst neighbors. It’s essentially a PSA for how to live righteously.

Watch the video, and look out for more Haiti content from Mitchell in his new Kreyol Chronicles series.