LargeUp Interview: Talking “Pum” with Pomme is French For Apple

October 3, 2014


What’s with the name? Why ‘Pomme’ instead of ‘Pum’?

Liza: The title was born one drunken night out when I was running around the streets yelling out “Pomme is French for apple… and YAAAARD fi pussy!” Thanks to our very Canadian exposure to French classes, the phonetic similarities between pomme and pum are something we like to play with. It’s kind of undercover โ€” we can be running around saying a word that could mean apple or punany. But if you have any exposure to Caribbean culture, as most people in Toronto do, it’s most likely that when we say “pomme,” you’ll hear “pum.” Hundacovah ting dat, yes?

Bahia: It’s kind of hilarious when people stumble into our show and are surprised to discover that it has nothing to do with apples. As with most things that we do, we prefer to hit it from a new angle, find our own way into a ting and wuk it.

What is each of your roles in PommeTV?

We are very DIY, very ‘make it happen by any means necessary.’ We have ideas and do whatever needs to be done to make them realized. Much with the live show, we both do a little bit of everything: Producing, writing, performing, directing, casting calls, craft services, location scouting… You ever see those “Hey Mon” sketches on In Living Color with the Hedley family? “I am the pilot, the steward, the co-pilot, and the wheel!” Yeah, we work 17 jobs. A so we run tings.

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