Toppa Top 10: Ten Classically Caribbean Ice Cream Flavors

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October 2, 2014

7. Jamaican Rum Cake

Those aren’t chocolate chips, they’re chunks of gooey Jamaican rum cake, also known as fruit cake, black cake or Christmas cake. And it’s not just a Jamaican ting. If you’ve got West Indian family, you probably have at least one relative who bakes a black cake come holiday time that’s so intoxicating you’re liable to get black-out drunk after too many slices. If it’s called “Jamaican rum cake,” though, it’s almost certainly made with Wray and Nephew white rum. “We use a rum cake formula that has various different rums in it,” Nesberry’s founder Marlon Davis says of his variation, pictured above. Don’t expect to catch a buzz off your ice cream, though: “The amount of rum is controlled based on the Health Department,” Davis says.

Pictured: Nesberrys (Green Acres Mall, Valley Stream, NY, and 2 other locations; 516-881-7782)