Soca Hideaway: Black Chiney’s Willy Chin Blends Keisza + Kerwin DuBois

September 29, 2014

Words by Maj Johnson

We’ve been hearing soca and pop music blending in all sorts of ways recently, and the occurrences are growing more frequent. In the latest example of soca meeting the mainstream, Willy Chin of Black Chiney has blended Kerwin Duboisโ€™s Carnival 2014 contribution โ€œSpoil Mehselfโ€ with Canadian singer Kieszaโ€™s smash summer hit โ€œHideaway.โ€ The mashup first appeared on the ridiculously good Black Chiney Soca/Carnival mixtape Uh Gosh! and, having turned a few ears, it’s now been upped to the Internet in its entirety.

For those of you unfamiliar with Willy Chin and Black Chiney, they’ve been one of the USA’s (and the world’s) top sound systems for years, even before notable members Walshy Fire (MC for Major Lazer) and Supa Dups (producer for the likes of Drake, Bruno Mars, Eminem, Mary J. Blige, Rihanna and Pitbull) went on to become massive players in their own right. Though Willy may be lesser known internationally than his peers, he’s been no less of a key part of Black Chiney’s success, a fact he’s reminded us with a string of hilarious recent comedy records including this parody Bunji Garlin’s โ€œCarnival Tabanca.โ€

Listen to Uh Gosh! here, and check out Willy Chinโ€™s extended re-work of “Spoil Mehself”/ “Hideaway” below: