LargeUp Interview: Viral Vibes with Lucas DiPasquale

September 10, 2014


LU: Now you have โ€œMake My Rounds,โ€ which was produced by Mini from E5 Records in Jamaica. What did that process entail?

LD: He sent the Beach Life riddim over in June and said, โ€œsee what you can do.โ€ There was a sentiment of me covering dancehall and now being prepared to write it. I put my own spin on it, not speaking patois the entire time. I made up a lot of it [Patois verses] on my own, with some friends assisting me. The rest was back and forth with Mini. I enjoyed making it and people like it, but I still think I have other music Iโ€™d like to make and another sound Iโ€™d like to show people.

LU: Which artists would you like to collaborate with?

LD: In the dancehall community, Iโ€™d definitely want to go back to Popcaan and see if I can make something he can vibe to. I still have to go find Ed Sheeran or Ben Howard to see if they want to collaborate. My dream collaboration would be OutKast, to meet Big Boi and Andre 3000, and do some verses. I would collaborate with anyone I respect musically.

LU: Whatโ€™s next for you, whether within music or otherwise?

LD: Iโ€™m taking a year off school so Iโ€™m focusing on music as much as I can. I have an EP coming out, the Dorm Room EP, with covers and an acoustic version of โ€œMake My Rounds,โ€ but after that, Iโ€™m going to begin pushing my original music. Iโ€™m actually in a great place right now because itโ€™s the first time in my life that Iโ€™m making music I like and Iโ€™m not nervous or timid to show people. This is what Iโ€™ve made and Iโ€™m excited. Thatโ€™s going to be for a while. I just want to make music and push it.

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