Pop Style Pon The Parkway: Godfather

September 5, 2014

Interview by Kendra Dennis/Photos by Eddie Pearson


Every Labor Day Monday, Caribbean swagger and New York style come together at the West Indian American Day Carnival (aka the “West Indian Day Parade” or “Brooklyn Carnival”) on Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn. We decided to bring our street style feature Pop Style out onto the Parkway this year, and the cast assembled did not disappoint, reflecting the mixture of national pride and personal style we’ve come to expect from this most visually stimulating of days. We’ll be sharing shots and stories from some of our favorite people we met popping style pon di parkway all day here.

Occupation: Designer
Representing: Jamaica
Spotted: Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn

Tell me about your outfit, it’s amazing.

Well, this outfit is custom made. Iโ€™m a designer and I design my own stuff. I can design something for you too, if you want, but I mostly design for myself and my family. Hopefully this will be a message to my people and others as well.

Whatโ€™s the message youโ€™d like to share?

Well, the message I would like to share is for people to come together as one.

Tell me about your personal style.

My style is out there in the spotlight, and I hope other people will adopt this style. I dress for success and that’s what we need to do, because success is happiness and prosperity. This style is a kingly style. This is the image of back home in my ancestors’ land in Africa, as we are African-American.

Talk about your crown; What does it signify?

The crown, as I said from back home in Africa. Where we originated from, we were kings. We need not to lose that image. As I portray my Black history, I see where this is my role, and this is how I should really present myself. So this is a great message to those who are African-American, and other cultures as well.

What’s your favorite piece that youโ€™ve designed?

My favorite piece that Iโ€™ve designed is actually is a top piece which is called the halter piece, some people would say the coat, or the jacket, and thatโ€™s this.

Youโ€™re wearing the piece?

Yes, I did it myself. At one time I was in the army, back home in my country, and I believe in defending those who are out there defending my country. I support them a lot. And that is why I put this piece on the back.