Now Things: Behind the Mask with Noise Cans

August 21, 2014


LargeUp: What is Noise Cans?

COLLAS: We are a Bermudian native sound system that merges Caribbean/Tropical vibesย with progressive electronic sounds. I gave it the native colors, because I feel it symbolizes the energy of the Caribbean.

LU: Tell us a little bit about the gombey mask that you wear?

COLLAS:ย The mask is culture, vibe, energy – it allows you to create and feel as free as you want to be. It originates from the gombey, which is an iconic symbol of my culture. The Gombey is Bermuda’s mix of African, indigenous peoples, Caribbean and British cultures, blending them into a unique performance art full of colorful masquerades, dance and drumming.

LU: Will you find gombeys out on normal nights, or just on special occasions?

COLLAS: On holidays they are always out, some random nights as well. I would remember hearing the bass drum, the snare, the whistle it was like they were calling you. Sometimes we would run out of the house see our friends following, other times there would just be random natives skanking, jumping, moving.ย  You would continue to dance and follow them through the streets for hours. Itโ€™s still happening. And they would dance through the streets on any given night and would end up with a few hundred followers. It was a thing where once you heard the drums, you went to look for the gombeys.

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