Lean Forward: Serocee + Kerwin Prescott Update The Rockaway For 2014 with “Shottaleeni”

August 19, 2014

Words by Jesse Serwer


The Rockaway is a dance step for those who don’t want to fully commit themselves to the dancefloor, or lose their place against the wall. Naturally, it became a favorite among shottas, gangsters and all too-cool-for-school types, a preference which Bronx rapper Fat Joe and his Terror Squad crew tapped into with their hit “Lean Back.” (“Do the rockaway!”) Ten summers after that track topped the Billboard Hot 100, it appears things have come full circle: yesterday we received an e-mail about Serocee and Kerwin Prescott’s “Shottaleeni” telling us to “consider it a dancehall version of ‘Lean Back.'”

The “Shottaleeni” (Shotta lean) picks up where Joe and crew’s classic left off, with Prescott urging listeners to “flash your keys cause your Beamer like Beenie.” His partner-in-crime Seroceeโ€”the two MCs work together as the live frontmen for British-Trini soca outfit Jus Nowโ€”takes a slightly different path, angling for forwards from the females with lines like “But you wouldn’t sell your pussy even fi a Lamborghini.” Expect to hear this U.K. production infiltrating dances this week in Notting Hill.