Well Seasoned: Watch Skinny Banton’s “Soak It Good” Video

August 11, 2014


It’s J’ouvert morning in Grenada right now and if, you’re like us and couldn’t make it down for Spicemas this year, you’re probably scrambling for some means of being there in spirit. Fortunately, there’s Skinny Banton’s “Soak It Good” video.

This one’s been out for a minute, predating the summertime rush of Spicemas tunes, but if you’re looking to transport yourself to Grenada’s carnival with any means short of coating yourself in black oil, you can’t do much better. “Soak It Good” employs a favorite Caribbean double entendre that goes back to The Mighty Sparrowโ€”that of the saltfish, and a woman’s private partsโ€”to highly entertaining effect, complete with a detailed description of the saltfish seasoning process. The theme continues into the video, which is filled with Jab Jab dancers preparing saltfish (literal saltfish, not the figurative kind) in the streets.

Watch the surprisingly SFW (that’s Safe for Work, as opposed to NSFW) video below, and for more summer carnival vibes, check out Jam Central’s It’s a Carnival mix.