Weekend Pass: Tobago

July 25, 2014


Get Fed
Traditional breakfast in Tobago is similar to Trinidad comprising of bake and your choice of side (sausages, saltfish, accra or smoke herring). Even the hotels have incorporated these items into their morning menu. Popular breakfast spots to check out during your stay are:

Kariwak Village Restaurant: Located on Store Bay Local Road. A la Carte style with great healthy food, seasoned from their on-site herbs garden.

Rosie’s Homestyle Bakery: Friendly on your pocket and good to your stomach, this bakery turned breakfast spot in Bon Accord is a local favorite.

*If you get off to a late start, grab a roti lunch at Patsy’s Roti Shop in Crown Point. You can’t come to TnT and not have curry.

Get Going
Argyle Waterfall

While the main road is easy to access, if you really want to see the beauty of Tobago, you have to go off the beaten path. With countless bird, reptile and mammal species (including a good share of these “wild” creatures) and the oldest legally protected forest in the world, there is more than enough to see. If this is your first visit or you don’t have any connections on the island, see the more popular sites by hiring a tour guide. Check this site for listings of nationally certified guides, complete with ratings and reviews from tourists. Some spots not to be missed are:

Parlatuvier: The village is beautiful any way you slice it, but the real ticket here is the traditional “dirt oven” bread brunch, complete with smoked fish, held by the local community.

Fort King George: Built in 1804 overlooking Scarborough, the site includes an old chapel, cell block (you can still see bullets lodged in the walls from the time they executed slaves at this site), military cemetery, powder house and the Tobago Museum.

Argyle Waterfall: At 54m, this is Tobago’s highest and most dynamic waterfall, located on the Argyle River, just west of Roxborough Village and about 25 km from Scarborough. Because it is a walk in to the falls, we advise you are accompanied by a knowledgeable tour guide, or an experienced friend familiar with the terrain.

Golden Lane—The Witch’s Grave: One of Tobago’s most famous legends. Gang Gang Sarah is believed to have flown from Africa to Tobago in the 18th century. She landed at Les Coteaux and moved to Golden Lane, where she became the village midwife. She died after trying to fly home from the top of a silk cotton tree (the salt used by slave masters to season their food had made her unable to fly). The unmarked tombs have been there for nearly two centuries and regularly draw crowds to the village of Le Coteaux.

If you’re up for a bit more adventure, check out the Offroad Jeep Safari offered by Tobago Now Tourism Services and see parts of the island that regular tour guides can’t get to.

Get Pumpin’
Photo Courtesy: The Shade

Saturday night is all about The Shade (D’ Shade), Tobago’s most popular nightclub, in Bon Accord. Covered and open areas within the venue make the club spacious enough for you to chill away from the crowds or jump in and party it up with friends. The dress code is chic casual and music is a mix of soca/dancehall/reggae/rap/R&B mix. Entry: approx. US$25-$30.