In the LargeUp Store: The Rebels to Dons Mesh Marina

July 11, 2014

Words by LargeUp Crew, Photos by Nathaniel Parson โ€”


Mesh marinas have been making a comeback. Between all of the reggae and dancehall artists sporting mesh tanks in videos lately, the outright tribute of Iba Mahr’s “Diamond Sox,” and a surge in mesh fashions on the runway, we began to notice a certifiable revival of this Caribbean classic over the past year.

Though it’s never gone out of style on the streets in Jamaica, the classic breathable garment (also known as the string vest, or ganzie) has become something of a must-have accessory this summer. We even went ahead and published a history of this classic breathable garment from its roots in the Norwegian military to its status as a rude-boy staple. As Joshua C. Joseph of the Brooklyn-based fashion label Rebels to Dons told us recently, “Growing up in Trinidad, that would be the most important essential to have when running through the streets. That is like a rebel souvenir.”

We’ve partnered with Rebels to Dons to bring you their high-fashion spin on this Caribbean classic (modeled here by Miss World Belize 2012 Chantae Guy and LargeUp Artist to Watch Jah Banks). The Rebels to Dons mesh tank is made with 100% cotton, and available in black and white, small, medium and large. Get yours here in the LargeUp store.

Banks-horizontal-mesh-marina-5 Banks-horizontal-mesh-marina

Chantae-horizontal-mesh-marina-2ย  Banks-vertical2-mesh-marinaย ย  chantae-horizontal-mesh-marina