Fashion Fridays: Caribbean Fashion Week 2014

June 20, 2014

The Cloth

One of Sundayโ€™s most impactful showings was from The Cloth by Trinidadโ€™s Robert Young. His eye-catching designs โ€“ each a cultural statement in its own right โ€“ were accessorised by huge banana leaves and Tobagonian Ted Arthurโ€™s Rainbow Collection of leather and canvas sandals and accents. The two have been consistently cementing their place in the fashion industry in the region and abroad for well over 20 years, and their collaboration on the CFW runway was simply magical.

Young is known for his signature linens and cottons, crisp whites and multi-coloured designs, but this year the line delivered a more youthful and very refreshing take on its signature Afrocentric look with the aid of designer Mark Eastman and a boost from Ted Arthur. Florals were added alongside 3D pull-out squares to symbolise a fusion of traditional and emerging views, expressing the themes of rebirth and the challenge of breaking the box by way of self-expressionโ€ฆ brilliant!

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