Watch Jus Now, Bunji Garlin + Stylo G’s “Tun Up” Video

March 12, 2014

Words by LargeUp Crewโ€“


British-Trini production duo Jus Now released the original version of their tune “Tun Up” during last year’s Trinidad Carnival season, as part of their debut EP, One Time. And now, amidst all the buzz surrounding their collaborations with Bunji for Carnival 2014, the “Truck on D Road” producers have gone and re-made “Tun Up” with the help of UK-based dancehall artist and notorious lyrical badman, Stylo G.

Carnival season officially ended last Tuesday, but the Tom Swindell-directed “Tun Up” video aims to make Carnival Tabanca a thing of the past, seamlessly balancing images of beautiful women in beautiful costumes, the pure duttyness and wildness of jouvert, and a rhythm section whose percussion virtuosity justifies revelers’ uninhibited behavior. While Jus Now’s LAZABean and SamInterface are noticeably absent from the bacchanal (actually, if you manage not to blink, you may glimpse Sam at the 2:11 mark), Stylo G picks up the slack, accepting any challenge posed by the bumpers targeting his fender. With all these cultural elements raging in full glory during the three-minute spectacle, Jus Now proves that bacchanal is alive well beyond the prescribed Carnival season.

Look out for our upcoming interview with LAZA and Sam soon, and if you’re in Austin, Texas for South by Southwest, direct your feet to Empire Patio (at the Empire Control Room complex), where the LargeUp x House of Marley SxSW showcase is about to go down featuring none other than Bunji himself, ‘longside wife Fay-Ann, the Rice and Peas crew, and many more.