Toppa Top 14: LargeUp’s Guide to South by Southwest 2014

March 10, 2014

Screechy Dan


Bringing the classic dancehall vibes to this year’s SXSW is Screechy Dan, the Kingston-via-Brooklyn artist best known for “Pose Off,” his classic collaboration with Red Fox. To some, the singer/deejay is also known for his impressive yodeling skills, as witnessed on his reggae version of Hank Williams’ “Lonesome Blues.” The yodeling and a general country vibe have been a hallmark of Screechy’s live shows since the days of legendary Brooklyn venue Biltmore Ballroom, all of which made him the perfect act in our mind to represent dancehall out in Texas. Naturally, we’re super hyped to be presenting Screechy’s long overdue Austin debut at the LargeUp x House of Marley showcase on Wednesday afternoon. Read more about Screechy, in our definitive feature on the underrated talent.โ€”Jesse Serwer