Kerwin DuBois, 101: From “Wotless” To “Too Real”

March 7, 2014

Words By LargeUp Crewโ€”


Trini soca star Kerwin Du Bois’ Fantastic Friday coronation last weekโ€”he won the Groovy Soca monarch title with his song “Too Real”โ€” was a long time coming.ย  While his 2012 Carnival hit “Bacchanalist” marked his birth as a performance artist and immediately made him a staple on the groovy soca landscape, he’d been cultivating the bacchanalist in you before he admitted he was one himself.

Du Bois was cranking out hit after hit behind the scenes for years, producing and writing for the likes of Kes and Machel. As an artist, he’s kept up that spirit of cooperation through collaborations with other artists from Trinidad and beyond, showcasing his lyrical prowess while generating international appeal. A subtle force once before, he is now one to be reckoned with. Not sure how much of your worst behaviour he’s responsible for? Well let’s take a look at the man before he was too real.