You Rate It: “The Bobsled Song”

February 17, 2014

Words by Natalie Weinerโ€”

Jamaica’s bobsled team may not have won on the track (in fact, they’ve already been eliminated from competition), but they’re Sochi crowd-pleasers regardless. “All the people here like us,” veteran driver Winston Watts told the LA Times. “No, that’s not correct. I should say all the people here love us.” Watts (who says heย still gets inspired by Cool Runnings)ย and his teammates haveย even managed to charm the competition:

They’re bringing island culture to the games – here’s Watts bubbling with Jamaican-American bobsledder Jazmine Fenlator:

Just when you thought the team couldn’t get any more endearing,ย The Jamaica Tourism Board released a poppy, reggae-inspired track to hype everyone for their races. Specially designed to sync up with the twists and turns of the bobsled track, “It’s Bobsled Time” was co-written and produced by Sidney “Predator” Mills, founder of New York’s Living Room Records and longtime keyboard player for Steel Pulse, and Jon Notar.

The tune is definitely getting people’s attention (just try getting it out of your head…), rallying support for arguably the most universally loved team at the Games. NBC synced the song with footage of the Jamaican team’s most recent run, which you can watch here โ€” in the meantime, check out the retro, 8-bit video game-style music video below: