Fashion Fridays: Get to Know Designer Ayana Rivière

December 27, 2013


LargeUp: How would you describe your design aesthetic? Is there a theme that you try to portray?

Ayana Rivière: My pieces are vintage-inspired, feminine, understated… really focused on classic shapes.

LU: And what about your own sense of style?

AR: Goodwill chic!

LU: What makes your designs unique?
AR: I try to make pieces that remind me of the clothing my parents used to wear when they were my age, or that make me feel like Audrey Hepburn or Lena Horne. Even though my designs pull from the past, this also makes them unique in a time when staying on trend is important to a lot of people.

LU: You recently had the lead singer of the critically acclaimed Arcade Fire band wear one of your dresses in Rolling Stone magazine. How did that happen? Is this your biggest feature/ client to date?

AR: Yes, the biggest! I’m still very new to having my clothing worn by other people, so it was a really big deal for me. I was at the Trident Castle in Portland assisting on a photo shoot and Regine, (the female lead), wanted to change into something more vibrant but felt she didn’t have anything that worked. I had the red dress in the car and I brought it to her to try on. She loved it and she looked great in the dress. At the end of the shoot she asked if it was possible for her to have the dress and I very willingly gifted it to her.

LU: So what’s your next design move/plan for 2014?

AR: I am working on a few collaborations with regional artists and designers in the early part of the year. I also plan to complete a collection by mid-year.

LU: Finally, what will be the mark of success for you?

AR: That would be to have my designs and what they communicate impact popular fashion in the region and move out from there.

To contact Ayana to buy/inquire about her pieces, e-mail