Toppa Top 10: The Biggest Soca Tunes of 2013

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December 24, 2013

1. Bunji Garlin, “Differentology”

“Differentology” wasn’t just the biggest soca tune of 2013, it was the biggest song in the Caribbean in 2013. Not even the Chronixx-led reggae revival made more waves. Like most songs for Trinidad Carnival, it was actually released the year prior, in November 2012, but it was of course propelled into the stratosphere by its popularity at the event it was made for.

Sounding more like a war chant than a happy party tune, “Differentology” had the distinction of being that rare soca in minor key, chords usually associated with sad music as opposed to uptempo, glorious soca. The result was a distinctive energy that has proven unforgettable. As 2013 blends into 2014, the track is still gaining steam, playing on radio stations across the U.S., and at basketball arenas like the Barclays Center. This month, we even brought Bunji to Brooklyn Bowl to perform “Differentology” with the Roots, the first time the world’s No. 1 hip-hop band had ever played soca. “Differentology” is also the No. 1 most “Shazammed” song in many markets, according to the smartphone app Shazam, as new listeners try to figure out what that “‘We Ready’ song” is called.

So yeah, “Differentology” isn’t going anywhere soon. When we’re doing our best of the “Two Thousand Teens” wrapup in six years, don’t be surprised if this one comes out on top. โ€”Jesse Serwer