Pop Style: Steven Jackson

December 20, 2013

Interview by Tami Tsansai, Photos by Martei Korley—


Welcome to LargeUp’s new street style feature, Pop Style. Every other Friday, we’ll be talking sartorial shop with the most impeccably dressed men and women of the Caribbean and the diaspora, from familiar faces to everyday people pon di corner. Along the way we intend to show the world what we’ve long held true—no one’s got style and swagger quite like the islands.

Steven Jackson
Writer for Babylon, web entrepreneur in Zion and a pilot in dreams
Spotted in: Sovereign Centre, Liguanea, Kingston, Jamaica

What are you wearing today?

As always jeans, a shirt and a pair of Clarks.

Is this your ‘business uniform’ or more of a signature look?

Yes. My casual vibe usually includes ‘Bush Jackets’ or Guayaberas. They generally refer to same article of clothing, however a Guayabera tends to be thin, like a shirt, and a ‘bush jacket’ tends to be thicker…almost like suit material. I like them because they seamlessly allow me to transition from street to office… it’s the best of both worlds like a girl that loves sports.

You have such a unique sense of style, where do you shop?

I usually shop at vintage stores and trend boutiques. I like mixing new and old pieces. It’s like corneal porridge — hot and simple.

Do you have any favourite designers/brands?

No, why would I? It’s not about brands for me… it’s always about style. I spend my money on Japanese-made denim, interesting Clarks and strippers [smile].

Is there anything about the way a woman dresses or carries herself that you find particularly appealing?

Absolutely. My dream girl never combs her hair and wears the clothes to match her hair look.

For a first date with a lady you’re really into, what would you wear?

Hopefully nothing, but I digress. If I ‘gamed’ her, she’s probably a socialite, so I would wear something clean like a crisp pilot shirt and a nice pair of jeans. If she’s a true empress then I’d wear what’s comfortable like a satin or linen ‘bush jacket’ instead… with jeans.

What has been your worst or most memorable outfit to date?

I can‘t recall, but I do remember a girl I met who was wearing a long shirt that somehow transformed into a micro-mini on our first date. I felt slightly embarrassed for her.