Gone Home: Mini-Doc Follows Joey Bada$$’ Journey to St Lucia

November 27, 2013

Words by Michellee Nelsonโ€”

Joey Bada$$ sheds his moniker in “Gone Home,” an introspective look into his recent journey to Saint Lucia. The mini-documentary fromย PRO ERA, Cinematic Music Group, and LRG gives a unique inside look at the young rapper’s first trip to St. Lucia, where he shoots the music video for “My Yout,” and meets his Grandfather for the first time.

The short film does a great job capturing the beauty of the island, while following Joey as he makes connections with local Saint Lucians and discovers the influence his music has had on them. Along the way, we see the impact they inevitably have on him. Watch the nine-minute video below and check out the “My Yout” video here.