VIDEO: Busta, Tip, Yeezy + Weezy Get Grateful On “Thank You”

Words by Natalie Weiner —

Jamaica is bringing the heat to mainstream hip-hop this week—first there was Shabba Ranks’ appearance on the remix of the A$AP Ferg track named for him, and now there’s the video for “Thank You,” from Jamaican-American rapper Busta Rhymes (who also shows up on Ferg’s “Shabba” remix, FYI). The very timely (Happy Thanksgiving!) record features Q-Tip (wearing some pretty confusing cargo shorts), as well as brief cameos from Kanye and Lil Wayne who mostly seem to be there to… hang out. There are definitely worse reasons to be in a video with Busta and Tip (and numerous scantily clad ladies) — which would explain why a few A$APs (looking at you Ferg) and Mack Wilds are there, too.

Busta’s flow is pretty much the star of the show here—he even manages to throw in a reference to Shelly Thunder’s “Kuff” in the third verse amongst some other fatois. This isn’t the first time he’s incorporated his Caribbean heritage into his music, and it looks like he might be riding the wave of current hip-hop’s affinity for retro dancehall (ahem, Yeezus) in the future.

The main sample (which is fire, by the way) has some Caribbean ties too—originally from “I Want To Thank You” by Alicia Myers, it was later used by East Flatbush’s own Fu-Schnickens in their song “Heavenly Father.” This is the same group whose first single was called “Ring The Alarm,” so their Caribbean cred is well established.

Check the video below—it will definitely get your Thanksgiving holiday weekend off to an appropriately gratitude-filled start.