Fashion Fridays: Meet Simone Neilson of Jamaica’s MiSim

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Photo: Joel Finnegan

LargeUp: Why the name Maracuya?

Simone Neilson: Maracuya means passion or passion fruit, depending on the country, and I consider my pieces the fruits of my passion.

LU: What was it like showing Maracuya at The Collection Moda?

SN: A truly exhilarating and fulfilling experience. I was afforded the opportunity as a result of winning Heineken Inspire, winning that contest has had tons of perks. A lot of exposure has come since CModa too, which has definitely been beneficial. It’s the biggest show I’ve done thus far… definitely rewarding.

LU: Nice! The concept of using broken CDs and DVDs as an accent on your designs is quite interesting. Where did that come from?

SN: I saw a pair of earrings made of a similar material, and figured I could try something like that on clothing, then when I realized the DVDs split in half when you cut them, I just ran with it.


LU: Which designer inspires you most?

SN: Zac Posen! And the house of Balmain.

LU: Is there a particular celebrity that you’re just dying to dress?

SN: I’m not really particular about that to be honest, but it would be nice to dress Selena Gomez one day.

LU: What’s next for you?

SN: Within the next year, I want to be formally trained in the technical aspects of fashion design.

LU: And how can people connect with you to view your designs or make purchases?

SN: My website is currently under construction, so until then my designs can be seen on my Facebook page. To order or request a custom design, just send me an e-mail at: Shipping is also available.

Photo: SLEEK Magazine