Heavyweight Champion: Watch Mr. Killa’s “Rolly Polly” Video

November 14, 2013

Words by Jam Centralโ€”


Jamaican artists have long been known to sing about their affinity for voluptuous women. Classic tunes like The Heptones’ “I Need a Fat Girl (Fattie Fattie),” Shaggy’s “Mampie” or Ranking Dread’s “Fattie Boom Boom” give praise to plump posteriors, but they are not the only ones in the Caribbean who share that sentiment.

Mr. Killa steps up to the plate with “Rolly Polly,” representing for plus-sized women, and letting skeptics know big girls do it better. While the song has a humorous quality, Grenada’s former Roadmarch King and Soca Monarch makes it clear that he is serious about his preference in the track’s new video, enlisting a group of women to show you why. Antics including some acrobatics and heavy liftingโ€”a trademark of his performanceโ€”not only display his physical strength but add color to the song. He challenges the notion that a slim physique is the standard of beauty, reinforcing a commonly-held Caribbean association between thickness and healthy living, flexibility and great wining skills.

Whatever your preference, after watching the video, you will gain insight into what is motivating Mr. Killa’s love for full-figured beautiesโ€”and may even find yourself agreeing with him!